Following are a few examples of topics to be discussed. This is to help create an environment where individuals can understand the seldom, or rarely talked about factors related to our Mental Health and the mental health of those close to us. Dr. Donna created ‘RoundTable Discussions’ to help penetrate the stigma around our mental health and to bring about a broader understanding and awareness.





Nurture ….. and


  • Healing Emotional pains of the Past
  • Family Mental Health History
  • Family Trauma History and You
  • Learned behaviors
  • Grief and Grieving – how long does it last?
  • Parental childhood and how it relates
  • Trauma – the silent influencer in our lives

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Round Table Discussions

Lets talk about mental health…..

Knowledge Empowers You And Key AcronymKey to Round Table discussions is the belief that Mental Health is as worthy of our attention and care as our Physical Health.

Therefore, our Round Table Discussions are created with the spirit of understanding Mental Health without any stigma.

Also, RTD’s are intended to normalize Mental Health and bring into our consciousness.

See the video below where Dr. Donna gives a brief overview of the kinds of topics focused on, such as Grief….what’s a normal amount of time to grieve a loss, Trauma….let’s talk about what it is and the potential impact.  Intergenerational Trauma….What does our family’s history have to do with it?

Where our children are concerned, it may be helpful to expand our view of causation of behaviors, just so we do not repeat some familiar patterns of our past.

Understanding the whole child means taking into consideration that there may be many other things going on, such as depression, trauma, anxiety or a myriad of other mental health issues.  We will help you explore other possibilities and gain a greater understanding of your child’s negative reactions and behaviors.  Additionally, we may explore temperament vs. learned behavior in our children.

**Additional Round Table Discussion topics available upon request and may be added to our agenda.

Through these talks, attendees engage in discussions around the social emotional impact and importance in our lives as adults as well as children.