Three people lift the word Support symbolizing the help a groupConsultations are customized to the specific needs of each parent and are designed to help you and your family understand the underlying issues that may be the root cause of problem behaviors.  Resource information is provided along with guidance in determining the potentially best next steps needed to take to overcome your family’s specific challenges.  

Parents can miss some of the signs and precursors of trauma.  These signs and precursors can often show up in negative behaviors in children as well as responses that include a child’s withdrawal.

Through the CUP consults parents will learn about the impact of trauma on their child’s internal world and this will help them in turn, understand more about their child’s behaviors.

You will explore the 7 primary components of behavior that influence how your child behaves (reacts to situations).  Taking these components into consideration allows you to see your challenges with your child in a new light.  During the consultations, Dr. Donna shares her knowledge of psycho-social-emotional development and will provide resources for services that will help you find the right solutions, customized for you, your child and your family.