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About Dr. Donna

It is because of her passion for children that Dr. Donna Cotton-Cornelius developed the Children Uplifted Program which is designed to guide parents through the process of realizing the potential of each child by understanding and factoring the many components of behavior.

As a parent coach she provides workshops as well as individual  one-on-one sessions for parents who want to gain new insights and overcome challenges.

As a private consultant she works with schools, community organizations, city and county agencies to promote parent information and early intervention strategies for child/adolescent well-being.

As a therapist her clients include adults, children, and families.  Her experience and training include all aspects of the emotional/ psychological developmental issues of children, with an in-depth understanding of the impact of trauma, abuse and neglect.  She created the Children Uplifted Program workshops to provide parents with the information that she believes to be vital to our children’s future.

Dr. Cotton-Cornelius currently has a private practice located in Oak Park, Illinois. In addition to being a therapist and a parent coach, she is also the mother of two adult sons who have recently completed undergraduate studies and are furthering their education in graduate programs.

   Constantly Uplifting… one individual, one child, one parent… at a time.
 708-386-1253    |    10:00 – 7:00 pm    |    Contact by Email
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